Lifesavers Conference Product Update Continued

Day two of the Lifesavers Conference provided us with more time to hear from car seat manufacturers, as well as some other companies and non profits of note. Here are the updates on Chicco, Cybex, Nuna, 4moms, Uppa Baby, and the Ride Safer Travel Vest from Safe Ride 4 Kids.


Chicco didn’t have any new seats to debut (yet!), but discussed their Zip Air fabric. Not only is it easy to remove and wash, it has airflow channels to help keep kids cool…a fantastic feature for those who live in the desert like us! They also mentioned a few important tips for their seats:

  • No crotch rolls allowed.
  • The Nextfit LATCH limits are 35lbs rear facing and 40lbs forward facing.
  • Don’t overtighten the lower anchors on the Kidfit booster.
  • Lower anchors must be a standard 11 inches to use.
  • Their website features helpful videos for each seat!

Ride Safer Travel Vest from Safe Ride 4 Kidsride safer vest

The Ride Safer Travel Vest (RSTV) is a great option for travel, special needs, tight back seats, etc. They now make a booster (not pictured) which is approved for use WITH or WITHOUT the vest.

We saw a lot of really great infant seats…

Uppa Babyuppababy

While the Uppa Baby Mesa isn’t new, we hadn’t seen one in person before. We were really inpressed with the EASY installation, plush breathable fabric, and clear picture labeling on the seat and base. Here‘s a quick video from their website showing installation.


We oooh’d and ahhhh’d over the Cybex Cloud Q! Not only does it have a load leg (we love), take up minimal front to back space (thank goodness), but it fully reclines out of the car! So cool!


The Nuna Pipa isn’t new either, but we still stopped by the booth to give it some love. Another load leg for us to play with!


We still aren’t quite sure how we feel about the 4moms self installing car seat. The idea of it is fantastic, but they only walked us through the steps to install. Since we didn’t get to see it in action we can’t comment as to how well it worked. There will be a substantial amount of batteries required to operate the seat, but at such a high price point we assume cost of batteries is not an issue. We can’t wait to see it live and in action when it debuts this summer.

We also met some amazing companies and non profits…

Kids and Carskids and cars

Right along with what we do, Kids and Cars focuses on children’s safety in and around cars. We learned quite a bit about backovers, heat stroke, etc. from the lovely ladies at this booth. We also won this stuffed animal, which we can use as a tool to teach parents how to prevent leaving their baby in the car. It is a simple concept…keep the stuffed animal in the car seat and move it to the front seat anytime you put your child in the car seat. It will serve as a visual reminder to get baby out of the car. Watch for a future blog post for our report on trying this method for at least 30 days with our own children! And be sure to visit their website at


SafetyBeltSafe was founded in 1980 and is a wealth of information and educational materials that promote the correct use of car seats and seat belts. For CPSTs, they now have the manufacurer’s instructions with summaries online for a yearly subscription. They will be automatically updated whenever there is a change or new seat! Check them out at

Safe Ride News

Another wealth of information and educational materials, we gave Safe Ride News some love for creating the LATCH manual…aka the CPST Bible. Checkout their site at

I’m Safe

We had a great time chatting and checking out all of the products in the I’m Safe booth. There are definitely some items I may be purchasing in the near future! Their website is

Watch for our next post about the Lifesavers Conference, focusing on the workshops and what we learned!


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