Tech Tips: What’s in your bag?

So you passed the certification course and you’re ready to start doing seat checks? You’ll need a few supplies to get started…

The Basics

Blank Form – ALWAYS document your seat checks! You can make your own or use one of these:

  • Safe Kids form: after logging in, found under “Resources – FAQs” and then “Forms”
  • SafetyBeltSafe: found under “Resources” then “Reproducible Materials”
  • Appendix of your Safe Kids CPST course manual
  • Check with your local or state coalition

Clipboard – We especially like storage clipboards to keep our blank check forms.


Recall list РYou can use the Safer Car app, or print the list. Be sure you reprint periodically. You can find the list on the NHTSA website.

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A Step Above the Basics

LATCH Manual – Order one from Safe Ride News.

Demo doll – You can order a Huggable Images doll or purchase an inexpensive doll from a toy store. Often techs fill these with rice or beans so they don’t squish in the harness.

Business Card – There are tons of places to order business cards! We used Vista Print and were happy with the quality.

Booklets, Fliers, etc – It’s always nice to send parents home with educational materials because they may not remember everything. We have several here or you can check with your local coalition or Department of Transportation.

Pool noodle & plastic knife – The plastic knife makes it easy to cut the pool noodle to the correct size.

Locking clips – Take unused locking clips off of crashed or expired seats!

Binder of informational graphics РThis is a helpful tool to illustrate your points to parents.

Multi Tool – You never know when you’ll need a screwdriver! Some parents come with disassembled seats still in the box.

Belt cutter or scissors – I have had to cut seats out of cars because the lower anchor adjuster button broke! You can also cut the straps of crashed or expired car seats.

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Personal Items

Hand Sanitizer or Wipes – I find wipes the most helpful…seats are not always clean.


Water & a snack – This is important when you have a check event! Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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Nice to Have

Turbobooster screws – Graco Turboboosters are almost always missing the screws in the armrest! Contact Graco to order extras.

Scale & measuring tape – This is helpful when children have possibly outgrown a seat and parents aren’t sure of their size.

Gloves – Not all seats are clean!

Receiving blankets & infant wash cloth- You can use these for newborns (per manufacturer instructions) in rear facing only and convertible seats.

Ruler – This can be used as a threading tool or to determine if the straps are in the appropriate slot.

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Experienced techs…what’s in your bag? Share in the comments!

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